Millennium Activity Centre

The Millennium Activity Centre has been built in an area of the wood that was previously overgrown & unused. Work took place over several months by our volunteer staff & with the aid of a grant from the National Lottery. Equipment was purchased & staff trained & the centre finally opened in May 2000.

We can provide Archery, Air Rifle Shooting and Climbing / Abseiling at the Activity Centre. All the activities are run to the Scout & Guide Association rules & policies.

Fees for all our activities can be found on our Fees Page.
We recommend a maximum of 12 people in a 1 hour archery session.
We currently do not offer Archery to Beavers (Under 8yr olds)

We run all three activities in 1 hour sessions each starting at 9.30, 10.45, 12.00, 2.00, 3.15 & 4.30 on Saturday & Sunday. Midweek bookings may be possible sometimes. Please make sure you are not late as you might not get your full hour if another group are booked in after you.

The easiest way to book any of our onsite activities is to book in advance using OSM. Alternatively, you may contact our Booking Team should you have any questions.

Activity Notes & Safety

  1. All Guide Association users under 18 will need a Parent Consent Form to take part in any of the activities (Girlguiding Rules).
  2. All Scout Association users under 18 will need a Parent Consent Form to take part in the .177 Air Rifle Shooting.
  3. Safety is of paramount importance in all the activities & each activity will include a safety talk for each group, once started no further persons will be admitted into the area. This will be kept as brief as possible, but must take place. For the safety of our staff & the rest of the your group, messing about or repeated disregard of safety will result in activities being stopped. Please switch mobile phones OFF or onto SILENT & DO NOT use them while in the Activity Centre.
  4. Please be aware that for safety reasons, activities may have to be called off at the last minute due to bad weather.


Our archery staff are all trained to the standard required by The Scout Association & then assessed by a County Assessor & finally issued a permit by a District Commissioner. The range has three bosses, so groups shoot three at a time with the rest of the group waiting behind a metal rail. We have tabs & braces for everyone to wear & we have some left handed bows. Please try to spread out any left handed members of your group so that they don’t all end up in one group.

Please dress sensibly for the time of year, but try not to wear clothes with baggy sleeves. All participants will need to wash their hands before handling food as the arrows are made of aluminium.

Risk Assessment