Booking – Essential Information

Please note: We can only accept bookings from registered groups / organisations who hold public liability insurance. We cannot accept any bookings from members of the general public.

Duty Wardens are on site from at least 7pm on Friday evenings. If you require earlier access to cabins please make prior arrangements with the Bookings Secretary as soon as possible.

Tents must not be pitched on any sites until you have checked in with the Duty Wardens, unless you have made prior arrangements with the Bookings Secretary. If you pitch on someone else’s site you WILL be asked to move.

Bookings are accepted from LARP groups during the months of November to May on a whole site booking basis & will be charged for a minimum of 60 people.

Campers are required to notify the warden before you are ready to leave, so that they can check the site/cabin with you before you leave site. The Dick & Phil Cabin & the Collier Hut need to be emptied, cleaned & ready for inspection by 5pm on day of departure from October to the end of March & 6pm the rest of the year. The Alan Gutteridge Cabin & the Harry Walker Cabin need to be emptied, cleaned & ready for inspection by 3pm on day of departure throughout the year.

ALL groups are requested to download the ‘Emergency Contact List’ from our ‘Forms’ & hand in a completed copy on arrival at the campsite. These can be collected on departure or shredded in the office.

For Scouting groups camping under the ‘Nights Away’ scheme – The permit holder MUST produce a valid permit on arrival and the permit holder MUST be on site during the night time as required by POR.

If using the Nights Away Passport scheme the passport must be fully completed & produced on arrival. The duty wardens will check the passport & phone the Nights Away permit holder (if not present) to confirm the passport & to notify the groups safe arrival. The Nights Away permit holder remains responsible for the group.

Booking – How to Book

The easiest way to book is to use our on-line booking form which uses Online Scout Manager (OSM). Bookings are accepted on a provisional basis and will be accepted by the booking secretary once the group details have been confirmed.

The booking secretary will then email via OSM to confirm your request is available. Once your request has been accepted, you will need to send a deposit by cheque for ALL cabin/shelter bookings within 4 weeks of confirmation or 2 weeks before your camp (whichever is sooner) in order to secure the booking.

The deposit required will be for the first 24 hour cabin/shelter fee and is non-refundable.

Please write the group name & date of your camp on the back of the cheque & send it to;

John’s Lee Wood Booking Secretary at the address that will be given in the provisional booking email sent to you.

All fees must be paid in full before leaving site.
Note: Fees not paid before leaving site will incur an admin fee.

Should you require any other information in relation to your booking you can contact the Bookings Secretary by email through this link.

Please note that bookings for activities are also completed via OSM but any questions or queried should be sent to our Activities Coordinator. See our Activities Pages for further information.

D of E Goups

Due to continual problems with DofE groups, bookings for Non-Scouting DofE Groups will only be accepted at weekends (Fri-Sun) when we have Wardens onsite.

Other Useful Site Information

We have a 250Litre (Net capacity) freezer available to rent in an external store at the shower block.

Bicycles are NOT to be ridden on the site.

Please do not take our keys off site. If you go off site please leave the keys with the duty wardens until you return. If keys are lost off site you will be charged for replacement locks & keys.

No pits of any sort are to be dug on the site.

Generators and outdoor electrical equipment are NOT allowed on site & leads are NOT to be run out from the cabins by user groups.

If you are bringing PMR446 two-way radios on site, please consult the Duty Wardens on arrival so that channels can be agreed on.

We have a skip on the car park for general waste. Please read the notice next to it as to items that are not allowed in the skip. We would encourage all groups to take as much recyclable waste with them and to recycle it at a suitable site. We are unable to operate recycling on site due to the high running costs of such a scheme.

We have a Providore onsite selling sweets, soft drinks, badges, matches, fire lighters, pens, pencils, woggles & a few camping spares/essentials etc. If not open please talk to the Duty Wardens as they have access to the Providore.

Please take the time to read our full site rules and additional sleeping shelter rules (if applicable) before your visit.


There is a large car park to accommodate cars, minibuses and coaches, although advance notice is required for coaches. Limited vehicle access is permitted past the car park to maintain a safe environment for campers & to protect the campsite.

Vehicles should be parked in the car park on arrival until you have checked in with the Duty Wardens. Vehicles with HEAVY / LARGE CAMPING KIT will then be allowed up the main driveway to unload (please speak to the Duty Wardens for vehicle access). Vehicles must then be returned to the car park within 1 hour. Vehicles are not allowed on any campsites and must stay on the gravel driveways at all times.

For the safety of our campers, and to preserve the site, we have a strict 10mph speed limit which we ask you to respect at all times.

Night Time Safety Precautions

At night we ask drivers going on site to put their hazard lights on as they go down the track. Most do so without any bother, but some don’t like being asked to do this. This is an on site safety precaution. It does not cost anything and is only the flick of a switch!

Wood Pile / Fires

There is a log and wood pile opposite the shower block and campers are welcome to use anything they find on there. We cannot guarantee the supply and please make sure your campers wear adequate footwear and watch out for any nails in the timber. There is usually a reasonable supply of fallen branches around the site which campers are welcome to use.

Some of the sites have concrete slabs where you can light a fire and others are altar fire sites. We have a supply of altar fires that you are welcome to use. Please ask the duty wardens if you require one.

Please do not burn glass and metal in any fire on your site.

Please Note:
It is illegal to burn any timber containing glue, resin, timber treatments, paint etc. This includes plywood, mdf, chipboard, laminates and all other similar materials. Doing so is a breach of environmental laws and could result in you being prosecuted by the environmental agency.

Shops, Doctors & Local Facilities

We have a small providore on site selling sweets, drinks, souvenirs and a few essential camping supplies.

There is a small general store 1 mile away at Newtown Linford and a selection of shops about 2 miles away in Markfield.

A chip shop, Chinese takeaway and an Indian takeaway can also be found in Markfield.

Local Doctors:

Markfield Medical Centre
24 Chitterman Way
LE67 9WU
01530 242313

The Duty Wardens will be happy to help provide directions to these local facilities.

This local information is supplied in good faith for your assistance and we will endeavour to keep this updated but we cannot always guarantee it’s accuracy.

Nearby Off-site Attractions

John’s Lee Wood is close to Bradgate Park, Beacon Hill, Swithland Woods, Twycross Zoo, Beaumont Leys Leisure Centre, Riding Stables, The National Space Centre and The Great Central Railway as well as many other places.

This information is supplied in good faith for your assistance and we will endeavour to keep this updated but we cannot always guarantee it’s accuracy. John’s Lee Wood Scout Campsite do not endorse any of these sites & have no connection with any of them. Use of these sites is entirely at your own discretion.