Please take time to read these rules before your camp/visit.

(Last edited on 01.01.2023)

Listed below are a few things we respectfully ask you & those in your group to observe during your stay/visit. (Please make your visitors aware)

Wardens will be on site by 7.00pm on Fridays.
(If you require earlier access to cabins, please make prior arrangements through the bookings secretary as soon as possible)

We expect all visitors to observe our policies on; Health & Safety, Environmental, Security & the Scout Associations Child Protection Policy. These are on display at the warden’s cabin & on this website. In the interests of safety, Trees are NOT to be climbed. No animals to be caught/trapped onsite.

Vehicles carrying heavy tents & food etc. may go up the drive, with the duty warden’s permission, to unload, but must stay on the main driveway at all times & then be returned to the car park within 1 hour. The vehicles will not be allowed back up the driveway until you are ready to pack up to leave the site. The barrier is not to be operated by campers except in an emergency.

For the safety of our campers/wildlife/staff & to avoid damage to the track, please observe the 10 mph speed limit & please use hazard flashers while driving on the site. If the speed limit is not observed vehicles will not be permitted back to the cabin/camping areas for loading/unloading.

Do not light fires on the grass or on sites without a fire slab. Altar fires are to be used on all sites with no concrete slab. Do not empty altar fires on to the site, there is an ash pit next to the wood pile for emptying altar fires into. Do ensure the ash is cold before emptying. Do Not leave fires burning unattended. We have altar fires & grids available near the wood pile, please return them after use.

No pits or holes of any sort are to be dug on the campsite. Wood with paint, glue, resin or any other treatments must not be burnt on this campsite. Doing so is against the Environment Agency rules & could lead to you being prosecuted.

Please inform all members of your group to;
A/ Put rubbish in the skip on the car park, where possible take recyclable items home with you as we can’t currently recycle. If you bring structures or materials to build structures on site please take them away with you as we reserve the right to charge £100 towards emptying the skip. (Please also see ‘Waste‘)
B/ Respect & look after our beautiful & varied wildlife, trees & plants etc. & NOT climb trees.
C/ Not take short cuts through fences, surrounding properties or other camper’s sites & to avoid roped/fenced off areas & not to enter the Sleeping Shelter area unless you have booked one. Anyone found climbing/damaging the perimeter fence may be asked to leave the campsite.
D/ Abide by the camp sites rules & policies at all times.

Please leave sites/cabins clean & tidy, as you would expect to find them. E.g. Hearths cleared of ashes & rubbish. Unburnt natural wood stacked neatly by the slab/altar fire, pallet wood returned to the woodpile & cabins swept & mopped. Fridge/Freezer emptied & cleaned & left ON. Worktops to be cleaned.


Do not, for any reason, cut a tree of any sort. This could be dangerous & we have a preservation order on the site. (Damaged trees will be charged for) Fallen branches are all around the site & there is often timber & logs on the woodpiles opposite the shower block (watch out for nails). Please return all unused timber & logs to the correct woodpile before you leave the site.

Cycles are not to be ridden on the site for any reason, as they damage the sites & are a danger to other people on the site who cannot hear them coming.

Please notify the warden before you are ready to leave, so that they can check the site/cabin with you before you leave site. The Dick & Phil Cabin & the Collier Hut need to be emptied, cleaned & ready for inspection by 5pm on day of departure from October to the end of March & 6pm the rest of the year. The Alan Gutteridge Cabin & the Harry Walker Cabin need to be emptied, cleaned & ready for inspection by 3pm on day of departure throughout the year. For ALL weekend Whole Site Bookings, ALL cabins need to be emptied, cleaned & ready for inspection by 3pm on the Sunday.

Dogs are not encouraged on the campsite. However, if they must be brought on the site they must be good tempered & must stay on a lead at all times. The owner is responsible for cleaning up all droppings immediately. We reserve the right to ask for the removal of any dog which, in a warden’s opinion, is causing a nuisance in any way.

Please note that all breakage’s/damage must be reported to the warden as soon as possible & will be charged for. If you find any damage on arrival at your site/cabin it is your responsibility to report it to the warden immediately to avoid being blamed/charged.

Please do not pitch any tents until you have checked-in with the warden & agreed on a site. If you do & the site has been booked by someone else, you will be asked to move. Tents are NOT to be pitched on ‘The Green’ & only on named camping pitches.

You must settle up with the warden before leaving site. We prefer payment via cash or cheque whilst onsite, however we will accept BACS payment within 5 working days of your departure. Failure to settle up or provide payment within 5 working days via BACS will result in an invoice being sent with additional admin charges included. Payments by cheque are payable to ‘John’s Lee Wood Campsite’.

We reserve the right to change our prices up or down as required. We would normally look to do this with as much notice as possible, any change to prices are signed off by the campsite trustees before being published.

Any Fire Extinguishers or Fire Blankets used without just cause or damaged in any way will be charged for.

Do not let off Loud Bangers, Flares or Fireworks as this causes problems with our neighbours, the local Gamekeepers & the police.

Electrical appliances are NOT to be used outside of the cabins. Campers/visitors are entirely responsible for the safety & correct use of any appliances that they bring on site & for any damage whatsoever that those appliances may cause. Generators are NOT permitted on site without the consent of the Head Warden on each separate occasion & must be designed/operated to cause minimum noise on site. Campers/visitors are NOT to make any alterations or adjustments whatsoever to any of the electrical equipment.

We do NOT hold a licence for TV reception by campers/visitors & use of reception equipment is NOT permitted. The showing of DVD’s/films is a breach of licensing laws unless YOU buy an MPLC licence. Failure to purchase a licence can render YOU & John’s Lee Wood Campsite liable to prosecution.

When arriving or departing the site, please ensure that parents have been told to park on the car park & walk to your site/cabin after reporting to the Wardens Cabin.

ALL injuries/accidents occurring on site MUST be reported to a member of staff immediately. If the emergency services have been called you MUST inform a warden immediately.

An adult MUST supervise all play activities on site at all times as JLW cannot be held responsible for accidents or injuries while playing on the site.

All campers & visitors are required to respect a quiet period from midnight to 7am.

Requesting a booking at John’s Lee Wood Campsite is deemed to be acceptance of our rules & our policies.

Smoking is not permitted in any building including e-cigarettes of any type. Also, e-cigarettes are NOT to be charged in any of the buildings. All cigarette ends must be disposed of responsibly and not littered on the site.

All surrounding properties are private so please do not trespass on our neighbours land or deliberately shine torches directly at the properties. Any group found trespassing or climbing/damaging the perimeter fence may be asked to leave the site & will be charged for any damage caused.

All groups are to provide an Emergency Contact List, which is emailed out with your booking or available for download here. The Emergency Contact List must be handed into the Warden within 1 hour of arrival on site. The Emergency Contact List will either be returned to you or shredded by the Warden at the end of your stay.

Hot water is available free of charge in the toilet block.

Cold water taps are available for filling buckets/water containers at the Ladies end of the shower block. There are also water taps by Otter and Partridge but these are removed during Winter due to freezing.

Hot showers are available in the toilet block. The showers operate on a push button and provide 4 minutes of water, if there is an issue with the temperature please let the Warden know.

We hope you have a safe & pleasant visit & we thank you for coming to John’s Lee Wood.