LARP Groups

We allow LARP groups to book the campsite on a whole site booking basis at the rate of one group a month from November till May inclusive.

You would have exclusive use of the four cabins & the entire campsite except for the log sleeping shelters, our activity areas, the warden’s cabin & surrounding staff areas & any areas cordoned off for safety/maintenance. Our chapel has been blessed & we ask that you respect this & refrain from using this area for any role play activities.

ALL weapons used onsite MUST be checked & approved by the person in charge of the LARP event inline with standard LARP rules.

ALL projectiles of any type used onsite MUST be picked up & removed from site by the LARP group on a daily basis

Staff will normally be on site during the weekend & will often be carrying out maintenance work. If you have a particular need for privacy in a certain area or at certain times please specify this in the comments box on the booking request form.

We have a 250Litre (Net capacity) freezer available to rent in an external store at the shower block.

Staff are normally onsite on a Friday night by at least 7pm to give you access to cabins but other arrangements can usually be sorted out with the booking secretary. (Arrangements must be made well in advance)

You are required to notify the duty warden before you are ready to leave, so that they can check the sites & cabins with you before you leave site.
ALL cabins need to be cleaned, vacated & ready for inspection by 3pm on day of departure.

We have a large brick built shower & toilet block in the centre of the site. This has male and female facilities with hot showers, toilets and washbasins. Hot water is available free of charge and the showers take a single token for a four minute shower (tokens available from the Duty Wardens at 50p each). There is also an outside sink with cold water tap for campers to collect water for use on their site & to wash pots.
Pots/pans etc are NOT to be washed inside the shower block as this marks the sinks & blocks the waste pipes.

Tents are NOT to be pitched on ‘The Green’ under any circumstances.

All roads/drives/tracks/paths & exit doors MUST be kept clear at ALL times.

Please read the camp rules in particular the sections on noise, electricity & cleaning/vacating the cabins.

We suggest you arrange a site visit through our bookings secretary before requesting a booking so you can assess the facilities available & see that the site meets your needs.

We do NOT allow anything to be fixed to the internal or external structure of the buildings other than by use of the hooks that we have provided around the tops of the internal walls. Any damage caused by using other methods will be charged for.

If you need to blank out the windows this must ONLY be done by blu-tack on the GLASS & NOT by any method on the paintwork or building structure. Any damage caused to the structure or paintwork will result in a bill for a contractor to rectify the damage. Please remove & dispose of anything you put up before you leave.
Please ensure that anything you put up DOES NOT obstruct or obscure any Fire Exits, Fire Extinguishers, Emergency Lights or Detectors (Smoke, Heat, CO or lighting).

If you build structures around the site please allow for their dismantling & removal from site & do NOT fill our skip with them. We reserve the right to charge £100 towards the cost of emptying the skip if this occurs.

More information is available on our Booking Information page or by emailing


The cost is £260 per day for the cabins & £7 per person per day with a minimum charge of 60 people. i.e. £680.00 per day

People visiting for the day & not staying over will be charged at £2.50 per person per day.

A deposit of 50% will be required to confirm the booking & is payable within four weeks of the booking secretary confirming availability or two weeks before your booking (whichever is sooner).

An email copy of your public liability insurance, valid for the date of your visit, will also be required as soon as possible and MUST be sent BEFORE the camp can take place. NOTE; This MUST be issued to the same group name that you place the booking in.


The total cost for 60 people from Friday evening to Sunday evening would be £1360 (including the deposit)

For longer holiday weekends, i.e. Friday to Monday, it works out at £680.00 per day for the site & the first 60 people

To book the site;

1. Carefully read the Camp Rules & the information on this page.
2. Please use the availability calendar via the online booking request page (link below) to find a free weekend from November to May.
3. Complete the online booking request & submit it. (DO NOT navigate away from the page until you receive a confirmation message)
4. The bookings secretary will then email you & will hopefully be able to confirm the dates, assuming they are available.
5. You will then need to send a cheque for the deposit to the booking secretary within four weeks or two weeks before your booking (whichever is sooner) in order to secure the booking. You will receive an email with a receipt once your cheque has been received.
6. You also need to email a copy of your public liability insurance, valid for the dates of your visit, to the bookings secretary as soon as possible.
7. The balance of your fees is payable onsite during your visit by cash or cheque. Any fees not paid before you leave site will incur an additional admin fee.