Please take time to read these rules before your stay in our Log Sleeping Shelters.

(Last edited on 12.2.19)

Listed below are a few things we respectfully ask you & those in your group to observe during your stay in the shelters. (Please make any visitors aware)

Wardens will be on site by 7.00pm on Fridays.
(If you require earlier access to sleeping shelters, please make prior arrangements through the bookings secretary as soon as possible)

The following rules are specifically for users of the sleeping shelters & are in addition to our standard camp rules.

No lights, cooking or heating equipment that use a naked flame or flammable liquid are to be used in, or in close proximity to the shelters.

Flammable liquids are not to be stored in or in close proximity to the shelters.

Please make sure NOTHING is fixed to the shelters by any means.

Any graffiti or damage of any type will be charged for.

All open fires MUST be in the altar fire/s provided.

DO NOT empty the altar fires on to the camp site. There is a steel dustbin onsite to put the ashes in (NO rubbish). If the bin is full please consult the Duty Warden for advice.

Please return all unburnt wood to the wood pile before you leave.

Please remove muddy/dirty footwear before entering the shelters.

Do not climb on the shelters or allow anyone else in your group to do so. Anyone found climbing on the shelters may be asked to leave the site & will be charged for any damage caused.

Please respect the privacy of any other group using the other shelter.

Please make sure the shelter is swept out before you leave & all litter is removed from the surrounding area.

Dogs are not permitted inside the shelters under any circumstances.

Please notify the duty warden BEFORE you are ready to leave site so that they can carry out a site inspection with you before your departure.