We have a large skip at the top of the car park & would ask that all campers/visitors put all general waste inside the skip before leaving site. (Please try to throw waste to the back of the skip rather than just inside the front)

Unfortunately we are not able to offer recycling facilities. As we are not open to the general public the local borough council will not provide this facility & we have been unable to find a private source that we can afford to run.

If groups bring any form of materials onsite to build structures it is the groups responsibility to dismantle them & remove them from site when they leave. These materials are not considered to be general waste & if placed in our skip the campsite reserve the right to charge a fee of £100 towards the cost of emptying the skip.

Legally Restricted Waste;
Due to European Waste Regulations we are not able to take any of the following items in our skip;
Gas cylinders/LPG aerosols
Acids (eg battery fluid, de-scaler etc)
Alkalines (eg oven cleaners, drain cleaner etc)
Fluorescent tubes/lamps & other mercury containing items
Electric appliances
Paints, inks, adhesives & resins containing dangerous substances
Batteries & accumulators (lead/acid, Ni/Cad or mercury)
Wood containing dangerous substances

This list is not exhaustive but covers most items likely to be on the campsite.
Breach of these rules could render you liable to prosecution by the Environment Agency